Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cool Letter Received from Young Artist, Jordan Jansen

Rare that Kids Inc. would post an email but this is pretty sweet and I'm sure Jordan would be happy to have you enjoy his kind words and check out his links. Thanks Jordan and Happy Holidays! - Kids Inc.

 Jordan sends the following Holiday Greetings to all his faithful

 Happy Holidays everyone! This has got to be my favorite time of year.
And I have so many things to be thankful for, especially for all that
you guys do for me. I really appreciate your support in so many ways.
I hope you have a great holiday, and the best New Year ever.

 What's everybody doing for the holidays? We just finished our school
year, since it's summer here. I'll go into year 10 after the summer
break is over in late January. But until then, I'll be spending time
on the beach writing some original songs, catching up with friends,
and watching your amazing video responses to my special video
competition <>
. Thanks to everyone that entered, and good luck. You guys are truly
amazing. Words can't explain really.

 This has been an amazing year. My Twitter account went over half a
million followers, I was in L.A. again (three times!), met lots of
great people like Coco James, Victoria Justice, Big Time Rush, The
Veronicas, Milli Vanilli, Carley Ray Jepson, The Wanted, Leon Thomas,
Pentatonix, Jordin Sparks, attended the VocalizeU Intensive Vocal
Camp, and spent more time in the studio, including some sessions with
the amazing Connie Talbot. Connie and I hope to meet up again soon for
another special event. And there might possibly be an Indonesian
Showcase early next year.

 While all this was going on, my voice finally decided to change. I
worked really hard to still get videos out, even though some of them
might not have been up to the usual standards. It's been great to have
all of you to share this experience with. Thanks to lots of help from
my fantastic vocal coaches, I'm making it through. Now I'm looking
forward to doing material that wasn't possible before. Here's a few of
the latest videos:

A mashup of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" and Katy Perry's "The One
that Got Away" <>

Little Things - One Direction

Skinny Love - Birdy / Bon Iver

Reach Out - Original Song <>

 So please be sure to follow me on YouTube
, Twitter <>
 and Instagram (jordanjansenmusic). And don't forget Keek:
. It only takes 10 seconds to sign up. It would mean a lot to me if
you would follow and subscribe.

 So many of you asked for autographed photos, that I decided to make
them available on the website. Check out the new Store
, and be sure to order early if you want to receive them in time for
the holidays.

 Finally, I just want you guys to know that even if I haven't replied
to you, I read all your YouTube comments and all your tweets! You'd be
surprised how much I see, you guys are amazing! C'ya!