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Cool Letter Received from Young Artist, Jordan Jansen

Rare that Kids Inc. would post an email but this is pretty sweet and I'm sure Jordan would be happy to have you enjoy his kind words and check out his links. Thanks Jordan and Happy Holidays! - Kids Inc.

 Jordan sends the following Holiday Greetings to all his faithful

 Happy Holidays everyone! This has got to be my favorite time of year.
And I have so many things to be thankful for, especially for all that
you guys do for me. I really appreciate your support in so many ways.
I hope you have a great holiday, and the best New Year ever.

 What's everybody doing for the holidays? We just finished our school
year, since it's summer here. I'll go into year 10 after the summer
break is over in late January. But until then, I'll be spending time
on the beach writing some original songs, catching up with friends,
and watching your amazing video responses to my special video
competition <>
. Thanks to everyone that entered, and good luck. You guys are truly
amazing. Words can't explain really.

 This has been an amazing year. My Twitter account went over half a
million followers, I was in L.A. again (three times!), met lots of
great people like Coco James, Victoria Justice, Big Time Rush, The
Veronicas, Milli Vanilli, Carley Ray Jepson, The Wanted, Leon Thomas,
Pentatonix, Jordin Sparks, attended the VocalizeU Intensive Vocal
Camp, and spent more time in the studio, including some sessions with
the amazing Connie Talbot. Connie and I hope to meet up again soon for
another special event. And there might possibly be an Indonesian
Showcase early next year.

 While all this was going on, my voice finally decided to change. I
worked really hard to still get videos out, even though some of them
might not have been up to the usual standards. It's been great to have
all of you to share this experience with. Thanks to lots of help from
my fantastic vocal coaches, I'm making it through. Now I'm looking
forward to doing material that wasn't possible before. Here's a few of
the latest videos:

A mashup of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" and Katy Perry's "The One
that Got Away" <>

Little Things - One Direction

Skinny Love - Birdy / Bon Iver

Reach Out - Original Song <>

 So please be sure to follow me on YouTube
, Twitter <>
 and Instagram (jordanjansenmusic). And don't forget Keek:
. It only takes 10 seconds to sign up. It would mean a lot to me if
you would follow and subscribe.

 So many of you asked for autographed photos, that I decided to make
them available on the website. Check out the new Store
, and be sure to order early if you want to receive them in time for
the holidays.

 Finally, I just want you guys to know that even if I haven't replied
to you, I read all your YouTube comments and all your tweets! You'd be
surprised how much I see, you guys are amazing! C'ya!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 iPhone Apps Focused on Child Safety

Today I received an article from our friend Paul Taylor at (
This is pretty awesome and a special Thank You to Paul for keeping us in 
mind! - Kids Inc.

10 iPhone Apps Focused on Child Safety

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The highest priority of any parent or quality childcare provider is ensuring the safety of the children under their care. The world can be a very dangerous place, and many of the hazards are all but hidden to inexperienced youngsters. If you’re responsible for the wellbeing of a child and are the owner of an iPhone, there are several applications in the App Store designed to help you keep your little ones safe. From product recalls to content filters, here are 10 of the best child safety apps available for the iPhone.
  1. FBI Child ID – No parent or caregiver wants to think about the possibility of a child going missing, but unfortunately from time to time it does happen. With the free FBI Child ID app you can save and organize personal information relevant to your child for use by law enforcement professionals. The app also provides tips for helping keep kids safe from harm in the first place, making it a great resource for anyone responsible for the care of a child.
  2. Consmr Reviews – Grocery, Baby & Health Product Barcode Scanner – Choosing the best and safest products for your child can be a challenge when you’re browsing the available options at a brick-and-mortar store, as there are no helpful product reviews sitting on the shelves alongside the many options. With this free app, you’ll be able to scan product barcodes to access allergy information, hidden food ingredients, and product reviews from real users.
  3. Sex Offender Search – While you cannot legally act on the information in any way, being aware of any sex offenders that live in your area is essential for the parents and caregivers of children. Registering for an account will also allow you to sign up for monthly update emails that notify you of any new offenders in the area, keeping your knowledge of the neighborhood and its residents current.
  4. Child Safety Poison – Kids, especially very young ones, explore the world using all of their senses to gather information. Unfortunately that means that a lot of dangerous substances can end up in their mouths. It only takes a single unsupervised moment for a child to gain access to and ingest poisonous substances, but this $4.99 app will let you know exactly how to treat a child who’s managed to swallow any one of the 252 household substances or 72 plants stored in its database. Of course, Child Safety Poison is no substitute for medical attention, which you should seek immediately if you suspect that a child has ingested a poisonous substance.
  5. Evoz – Imagine being able to listen to your baby from the office, the gym, or during your morning commute with a few taps of your iPhone’s screen. With the free Evoz app, that scenario is no longer a far-fetched one. The app will even push notifications or send emails when your infant cries, allowing you to track and monitor sleeping patterns all day long. There are no range limitations, so you can monitor the activity in your home and your baby’s sleeping habits from anywhere.
  6. iHound – Using GPS technology, iHound allows parents to track the movements of every member of the family. Know when your children arrive at their designated destinations, and if they leave them unexpectedly. In addition to providing you with valuable information regarding the whereabouts of your children, iHound also allows you to communicate with a lost or stolen iPhone.
  7. Nearparent – When children get old enough to explore the world and spend relatively unsupervised time with their friends, the ability to check in periodically to let you know they’re okay is invaluable. As an added bonus, this free app also allows parents to receive notifications when a child leaves a designated “safe” zone and gives you contextual weather warnings.
  8. Life 360 Family Locator – Know where every member of your family is at any given time and stay informed of any safety hazards in their area with Life360′s Family Locator. Available for free in the App Store, this app even allows you to track family members that have regular cellphones. There’s no need to buy pricey smartphones for young children in order to keep tabs on their location.
  9. Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association – Knowing how to properly perform CPR and administer first aid is one of the most essential skills a parent or childcare provider can master. From the United States’ largest and most venerable voluntary health organization, Pocket First Aid & CPR provides you with valuable information, including child and infant CPR techniques.
  10. Mobicip – Before presenting your child with his first iPhone, be sure to install this $4.99 app to protect him from questionable or objectionable content. Your youngster will only be able to access age-appropriate content, even providing safe and non-threatening YouTube usage.
While your iPhone can be a powerful tool for ensuring the safety of your children or charges, it’s important to remember that it can also become dangerous if it presents a distraction. Never text, email, or use complex apps while driving or performing other tasks that require your full attention. Be sure to comply with all local and state laws regarding the use of a hands-free headset for voice calls while driving, and that your phone use doesn’t affect your ability to supervise the children under your care.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

9 Preventable Childhood Injuries

Kids Inc. just received an email from our friend Nancy with an Awesome Article!

Safety BratZ(tm)LIVE! Ambassadors for Childhood Safety Worldwide, welcomes guest author at eNannySource

By Michelle LaRowe

Whenever I hear that a child has fallen out of a window or drowned in a hot tub, I can’t help but feel a mix of emotions: sorrow for the family who lost their child in such a tragic way and anger because a child’s death could have been prevented.

According to WakeMed Health & Hospitals, preventable injuries are the number one killer of children ages 14 and under in the United States. 

The North Carolina based healthcare system asserts that “90% of these injuries could be prevented if families took the simple steps necessary to protect their children.”

The Center for Disease Control reports that over 12,000 children died during the period of 2000-2006 as a result of an unintentional injury.  

Parents and Nannies must work together to create a safe environment for children to explore and interact with their world. While all safety risks can’t be eliminated, they can certainly be minimized to reduce the likelihood of a child becoming victim to a preventable injury.

Whether you are a parent or a nanny, it’s vital that you are familiar with preventable injuries and take steps to protect the children in your care.

Preventable injuries include:

Crib Suffocation – Infants can become suffocated by crib bumpers, soft bedding, loose blankets, and cuddly toys.  Removing bumpers, using a sleep sack, and putting the baby to bed with nothing else in the crib can help prevent suffocation.

Window Falls – Children can climb onto windowsills and fall out of open windows. Keeping windows closed and locked when not being used for ventilation, installing window guards with a quick release system, removing furniture to discourage climbing to look out of the window, and supervising children when in rooms and areas with windows can help to prevent window falls.

Drowning Deaths – From a few inches of water in a bathtub, to kiddie pools, to in ground swimming pools and large bodies of water, always practice touch supervision when children are in and around water. Never assume someone else is watching your child. Always stay within an arm’s reach to prevent drowning.

Heatstroke – Especially in young athletes, the risk of heatstroke is a real concern. Keeping children hydrated, having planned water breaks, reducing activity when the heat index is high, and cooling overheated children down quickly can help prevent heatstroke in children.

Hyperthermia – As of August 2012, 15 children have already died from hyperthermia as a result of being left in a vehicle, according to the San Francisco University the Department of Geo Sciences website. Preventing deaths from vehicle related hyperthermia is easy: never leave a child in a motor vehicle unattended. Parents and nannies should commit to always checking the backseat before leaving the vehicle.

Burns – “Keep your pot handles turned in” is more than just a catchy public service announcement tune; it’s a way to prevent accidental burns. Keeping hot liquids out of the reach of children, setting your water thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and keeping kids away from cooking surfaces and grills can help prevent accidental burns.

Crashes – It’s estimated that 80%-90% or more of car seats are installed wrong or are used incorrectly. A correctly installed and used car seat can help prevent injury or death to children who are in a motor vehicle accident. Always have a certified passenger safety technician check your seat installation to be sure it is being installed and used correctly.

Poisoning – Access to harmful medications and chemicals can be prevented. You should always store medications and chemicals out of sight and out of the reach of children. Store medications in locked boxes and store cleaning supplies in locked cabinets. Many women carry around medication with them. Be sure to keep the pocketbooks of visitors out of reach to children to prevent accidental access.

Lawn Mower Accidents – Many dads consider having junior help mow the lawn a real bonding experience. According to the Children’s Trust of South Carolina, there are 68,000 injuries related to lawn mowers each year. From driving the ride-on mower to helping push the foot propelled mower, each year children die and suffer serious injuries that result in amputation as a result of helping to mow the lawn.

Parents and Nannies must work together and be proactive in preventing unintentional injuries. Take regular assessment of the places the child spends the most time and ensure that the appropriate measures have been taken to create an age-appropriate area that promotes free exploration while minimizing the risk of preventable injuries.

Don’t let a child you love become a statistic. While not every serious injury can be prevented, many of them can.

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